Fabricating Department

At M&S, we believe in using the latest technology to help our customers compete. We offer a variety of welding operations, milling, machining and finishing options to provide a truly one-stop experience.


Our programmable, servo/hydraulic, quick-change brake presses are highly accurate and efficient, maximizing set up times and making jobs more cost-effective.

4 Amada HDS 1303 NT: 10ft Auto programmed with quick change set-up
2 Amada HDS 8025 NT: 8ft Auto programmed with quick change set-up
3 Amada RG100
Amada RG50
2 Amada RG25

Laser Cutting

We invest in innovations such as the new Amada CO2 Laser, which has the capabilities of cutting material up to 7/8″ thick.

Amada LC3015 F1 NT: 7/8″ Steel, 3/8″ S.S., & 1/4″ Aluminum

Quality Auditing

Quality is our top priority. Whether we are working with a small start-up or a Fortune 500 company, our commitment is the same. We adhere to ISO-9002 quality standards.

Warehousing & Shipping

Warehousing: Minimum/Maximum Levels, Kanban, Pull Systems, Drop Trailers, Etc.

2 Volvo Semi Tractor
2 International Semi Tractors
2 International 24ft box trucks
8 53ft Air Van Trailers
1 Ottawa Yard truck 

Plating, Powder Coating and Other Coatings

Plating: Zinc plating, anodizing, hot galvanized dip or other specialized plating. M&S can take care of all your plating needs through our outside vendors.

Power Coating: On Nordson fully automated powder coating line

Other Coatings: Vinyl dip, nylon polymer or other specialized coatings. M&S works with outside vendors to handle all of your coating needs.